Letter: Everything has a price tag

Bridlington Hospital runs with a reduced service.
Bridlington Hospital runs with a reduced service.

Further to the dismantling of more social services in Bridlington, where’s “drummer” Sir Greg Knight’s influence when so badly needed?

If an MP is to be effective in the role he takes he should at least defend the facilities the town has and not watch them eroded so consistently.

We had a very good hospital a few years ago, look at it now?

After the hospital was reduced systematically and Scarborough Hospital was elevated once again for maternity and cardiac cases, the ambulances once again were flashing between Bridlington and Scarborough as they did years ago.

So many patients were transferred to Scarborough as a result of our hospital being run down that a shuttle bus was introduced to help people to visit patients or keep appointments – now that will cease! There no longer is any compassion for those less fortunate, everything has a price tag, which can be translated as a political dogma!

Edward Brian Hardgrave

Church Street, Kilham