Letter: Empty coach park is ideal for travellers?

Coach park remains empty.
Coach park remains empty.

We walked down Limekiln Lane on Saturday, May 26, and could not walk past the new coach park without taking a picture.

It was 3.23pm on a Bank Holiday Saturday, and not a coach in sight. This coach park should be renamed as the White Elephant Coach Park, as it is not used very often.

I have a good idea who will be using it soon, the travelling community, as they will be with us very shortly. They will make good use of the coach park, nice hard standing, toilets close by, and a lovely sea view.

There is nothing stopping them entering the coach park, as the height barrier has now been removed.

Let’s face it, the price it has cost to build the coach park, someone should use it, so why not them?

Bill Pudsey
Oakwell Avenue