Letter: Elderly will struggle with bus changes

The elderly could struggle with the new bus changes.
The elderly could struggle with the new bus changes.

Re New bus changes: Yes they’ve done it again! EYMS has left behind a large chunk of bus-starved residents.

This island has been created by carving around Bempton Drive, and Bempton Gardens, Crescent, Close, Mount Drive, Bemrose Grove and further back to Darwin Road and the Lawns. All these areas of north Bridlington.

EYMS took the well-used 503 bus from residents of the above areas some two years ago despite protests.

So all we have left now at our nearest bus stop outside the shops, coming along Marton Road and heading for town, is the Scarborough bus. In summer, this service is always crammed with passengers so we cannot always board it.

Just had a thought. Perhaps we could try to thumb a lift from one of the visiting coaches expected to be blundering along Marton Road, heading for the new ‘white elephant’ and ‘scenic-spoiling’ coach park at Limekiln Lane?

Residents from the outlying Bempton Village are aghast at the bus changes.

They could just jump on a bus to visit the Post Office, hairdressers, chemist etc, on Marton Road. Now they will have to walk from Bempton Lane. One of the hairdresser’s regulars is 95 years old!

As these new changes stand, elderly people with walking difficulties returning from town to my area, and there are many, will need to limit their shopping to stagger the extra distances from a bus now.

Trev Haymer
Bempton Drive