Letter: Education

Headlands School faces tough decisions.
Headlands School faces tough decisions.

Tough choices for Headlands School

I take heed after reading the report on the front page of the Free Press in respect of the concerning and anxious news that school job cuts at Headlands School and nine other local authority maintained secondary schools in the East Riding.

I do sympathise with headteacher Sarah Bone that at some time between now and the end of the academic year she will have the unpleasant task of identifying up to 20 per cent of her core support of teaching staff who will be made redundant.

This report is most worrying and disturbing news for those members of Sarah’s staff who will lost their jobs. But what is just as disturbing, report does not inform us that after up to 20 per cent of Sarah’s staff have lost their jobs, Sarah will then have the unpleasant and difficult task of removing several subjects from the curriculum .

My sympathy will then be with students who will then be subjected to an inferior standard of education.

I earnestly urge Chancellor George Osborne to act with extreme urgency and back-peddle on the subject of school funding, and arrange a fairer funding system which then can be implemented by counties and headteachers.

But I won’t hold my breath.

Ernie Mackenzie