Letter: Drivers hampered by Brid roadworks

Bridlington is littered with roadworks.
Bridlington is littered with roadworks.

Once again, during a regular trip to Bridlington, I encountered the frustrating traffic jams.

This is not just the Hilderthorpe improvements which are designed to improve access to the town, it is the other roadworks littering the streets.

Whoever came up with the ‘one-way’ traffic system to negotiate the town centre should be made to use it for a full day as punishment. I’m not so sure that the Hilderthorpe operation will bring an improvement to the traffic flow as I understand there’s no lane to take cars into the Tesco store car park, but filters for the right-hand turn-offs. I reckon around 30% of cars using the road go to Tesco while very few cars are turning right.

Bridlington has an amazing leisure centre, two wonderful beaches, great fish and chip shops and nice cafes. Let’s sort out this dreadful traffic situation and keep visitors happy.

Mr B Johnson