Letter: Disruption to regular pool users

The pool at East Riding Leisure.
The pool at East Riding Leisure.

It’s got to the start of half term already and yet again I’ve got to quit my most favourite physical activity which is swimming until the half term is over.

This is because the leisure centre gets busy and it’s full of school children and school teenagers as well as families (eg parents and young toddlers and babies etc).

I gave my swimming up for them during their half term earlier this year and I also gave it up for them for two and half weeks during the Easter period and now I’m yet again giving up my swimming for a week until the half term is over.

In addition to this, the worst is yet to come because when the school summer break begins, I will again quit swimming until that is finished and over with and that is six or so weeks of not going to the leisure centre for my favourite swimming sessions.

Families (eg parents and babies and toddlers and school children and school teens) use the leisure centre and its swimming facilities day in day out for as long as the holiday term is present, and it gets packed up to full capacity.

Julian Priestley

High Street