Letter: Delays are due to unique problems

Contractors are approximately three weeks behind schedule on Manor Street.
Contractors are approximately three weeks behind schedule on Manor Street.

I am not an apologist for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council or PBS contractors regarding the chaos on Manor Street, that has drawn much criticism from the public in Bridlington.

I have checked on the reasons for the delay in completing the works and I have been told that they are approximately three weeks behind the scheduled completion date.

The contractors PBS has encountered unforeseen problems during the excavation process, some utility connections have failed and some have been un-traceable.

The contractor cannot connect to poor quality drainage or to drainage that cannot be proved the provenance of.

This all required extra design and construction works.

Manor Street has also had services that are far too high, some only just under the flag paving. Some services entered buildings by simply breaking into the cellar tops.

Many of the buildings on Manor Street originally had bay windows with cellars beneath, which are now directly under the pavement. This has led to a lot of bespoke design works to get over unique situations.

I am not happy with the position of the new pedestrian crossing, it should have remained where it always has been and a much larger loading bay created outside Herrons.

I have suggested a taxi rank near Barclays Bank but this is not going to happen unfortunately.

The contractors are free to work overtime at their discretion, however, if we instruct them to work all additional costs would have to be covered by the authority.

In common with everybody else, I have noticed on many occasions groups of contractors men seemingly standing by.

On one occasion I counted 10 men and only two were working, I had an hour’s business to do in town, on my return journey past Manor Street, there were 11 men and still only two working.

This is not the responsibility of the authority to do anything about it.

When the contractors fully move onto Beck Hill, I am expecting many delays because of the complicated nature of the construction work, resulting in further chaos.

I am hoping that the final result will be worth the delay.

Cllr David Robson
Brid South
Kingston Crescent