Letter: Dad’s Army

Dad's Army film will be a boost for the town.
Dad's Army film will be a boost for the town.

Film will be a boost for our town

I was sorry to read that Colin Cruddas and his wife did not enjoy the new Dad’s Army film. My husband and I had the opposite experience.

Being long term fans of Dad’s Army we were delighted to hear that most of the filming was to be in Bridlington and Flamborough and especially that Captain Mainwaring’s house was to be in our street.

Being a curious type, I managed to watch several of the scenes being filmed and learned a lot about film making by chatting to the crew. I was surprised how much lighting was needed even on a bright day, and most of the filming days were sunny.

I wondered how the film would compare with the original series and came to the following conclusion.

I believe that it honours the original characters and comedy, however, as it is set in 1944 (several years later than the TV series) the general situation is slightly different, and because it is a feature length film it is able to develop the characters in a very convincing and surprising plot.

Innovations included the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones as a reporter and the appearance of Mrs Mainwaring, giving more insight into the relationship between her and her husband. Also the development of the characters of Pike and Walker provided some surprising scenes.

My favourite was Michael Gambon as Godfrey, who stole all his scenes, closely followed by Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring and Tom Courtney as Jones.

I thought of this as a more “thoughtful” version and will see it again and again and would welcome another offering. After all, the director, Oliver Parker, directed Johnny English Reborn film, the sequel to Johnny English.

I also believe that the impact on Bridlington will be very positive as it brings in more visitors to the film’s location to admire our wonderful High Street and Bridlington in general and hopefully, regenerate the economy.

Madeleine Wilson

St John’s Avenue, Bridlington