Letter: Cunning plan to tackle Brid traffic

Cunning plan to deal with Bridlington's ongoing roadworks.
Cunning plan to deal with Bridlington's ongoing roadworks.

Last year the powers that be decided to turn Bridge Street in Bridlington into a one-way street and work started in January this year.

We hired from Hull, this year’s city of culture, a couple of dozen bright orange barriers to protect the pedestrians from the works as they had plenty left over from their own road works in the city centre.

This killed two birds with one stone as we could hire them cheaply from Hull and it would be Bridlington’s legacy from the city of culture!

Four months on, with the shops on Bridge Street still trying to recover and Easter come and gone, we have it seems a half-finished single carriage way and no pelican crossing.

I had a cunning plan, thanks to my friend Baldrick, that would have completed the transformation overnight. Dig two holes at the corner of Hilderthorpe Road and Bridge Street erect a no entry sign in each, unscrew the traffic lights facing Hilderthorpe Road, paint, with quick drying paint, no entry on the road end job done in one night with no disruption to traffic or businesses on Bridge Street. The money we have saved could be spent on repairing the shocking state of other road in Bridlington such as Trinity Road and Bempton Lane.

Mike Barnard

Haddon Road, Bridlington