Letter: Councillors disregard public voice

Councillors disregard public voice at planning meeting.
Councillors disregard public voice at planning meeting.

Attending planning meeting in recent times and on occasions speaking in objection to council applications I am becoming increasingly concerned with procedures at that meeting or perhaps more accurately to procedures before the meeting.

Criticised for standing up when the normal procedure is to sit down you deliver a speech which you sense is not being listened to.

But that is hardly surprising as the councillors appear to take little notice either of the Bridlington Town Council or Sir Greg Knight MP.

For some reason East Riding Conservative councillors and officials seem to have taken a dislike to Bridlington people, in my view.

At the recent Limekiln Lane meeting, one councillor insulted the people of Bridlington by saying we had been obstinate in refusing to accept the council’s plans to improve the town.

A request for a site visit is invariably refused and the penultimate application by a vote of 9 to something.

One could understand a score of say 5, 6 or 7 to something but when there is continually a total majority one starts to think that a decision was taken before the meeting took place.

David Dawson

Horseshoe Drive