Letter: Council tax soars while we get less

Residents can expect a soar in their council tax bill.
Residents can expect a soar in their council tax bill.

I can’t believe that the council tax is due to rise by 5.99%, which is made up of a 3% adult social care precept and a council tax increase of 2.99%.

This is not the end of the rise, we will still be stung with further increases in the fire service, police, as well as town and parish councils.

The council can only increase the council tax by a total of 6% without triggering a referendum, which they will not want to do.

If you put the 5.99% with the fire/police and parish/town councils increases, this would be well over the 6% maximum increase.

Let’s face it when you get your council tax increase shortly, all the increases will be on the same piece of paper as it drops through your door. I live in a band D property which is due to increase by £79.28 and with the other increases (police, fire, town/parish councils) this is going to be an increase of around £100 in total? To put this increase into perspective I am a civil servant and last year I got a pay rise of £120 per year, which is £10 per month before tax.

This means that my total yearly increase will be paid to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. My yearly pay rise is supposed to be a cost of living pay rise to pay towards all my yearly living costs, all my increase pays for is my council tax, this is totally unacceptable.

This cannot continue at this rate of increase, we are paying more and receiving less.

Bill Pudsey

Oakwell Avenue