Letter: Comparison to Allepo is insensitive

I was amazed to read David McMillan's comments likening the promenade to Allepo. Has the man no sense of perspective on the world and Middle East situation?

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 8:41 am
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 8:45 am
Kevin Mullins shares his concersn about Bridlington being compared to Allepo.

There are still bodies of families lying under the rubble of what was once a great city at the heart of the ancient civilisation of Assyria. How can boarded up shops and roadworks be compared to the horrors that have and still are being endured by the people of the Middle East? The forces of the coalition US, UK, France et al have been fighting a proxy war on behalf of Israel to create a Greater Israel under the pretext of fighting their creation Daesh.

The US has boots on the ground (which is illegal) and are still working towards regime -change which could lead to conflict with Russia. The UK is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia so that they can bomb innocent men, women and children in the Yemen.

We in sleepy Bridlington can thank God we are far removed from the horrors of war.

Wars that have been brought about by geo political forces since the Iraq war 2003 they are intent on dominating the region because of gas and oil resources which exist especially in the Golan Heights, which is under occupation by Israel.

“No wo/man is an island” we all need each other.

Kevin Mullins

Chairman, Bridlington Labour Party,

Darwin Road