Letter: Coaches could use park and ride site

The Bridlington Park and Ride site would also be an ideal spot for coaches.
The Bridlington Park and Ride site would also be an ideal spot for coaches.

With reference to Tom Sampson’s letter last week about the further desecration of our coastline with the change of use of part of Limekiln Lane car park to a coach park I would like to add more details.

If you didn’t attend last Wednesday’s ‘public consultation’ about this at Bridlington Leisure Centre you are not alone.

It was poorly advertised.

There is a statutory obligation on the local authority to inform the public of any such consultations within four weeks of them taking place.

This they did in a very brief article in the Free Press on 13 April.

The plans for the prospective change to Limekiln Lane car park include the building of a coach park with spaces for 27 coaches and, tucked away at the side, a lone bus stop.

A conversation with the designer at the meeting revealed that he was asked to include provision for a future Park and Ride facility for the north of the town.

How many towns do you know that have a coach park and Park and Ride facility built in such a desirable spot, on the edge of a beautiful recreational area and adjacent to a highly sought after and desirable residential area?

Which leads me on to the question of location: why was this site chosen?

We were told that, quite understandably, the authority is trying to rationalise the use of its facilities in the light of the Area Action Plan and Bridlington Renaissance.

The intention is to sell off Hilderthorpe Road coach park for development but planning cannot be obtained for this until the current coach park is relocated.

Why, you may ask, has Limekiln Lane been chosen?

Well, as you will know after the debacle over Beaconsfield car park and with the coming demise of Palace car park, there are very few places left from which to choose.

Apparently Limekiln Lane car park has been flagged up as being underused, which is hardly surprising given that it is locked for most of the year!

To say that access to this site is of concern is to put it mildly.

The suggested route for coaches going to the future Northern Park and Ride site at Limekiln Lane is along Marton Road which is the main route through to Muntons at Marton and on to Sewerby and Flamborough.

Anyone who lives on the north side of the town will tell you that this has to be one of the most congested and gridlocked roads in the town, particularly during busy times.
Queues can build up around both roundabouts as well as at Bempton Road traffic lights. Progress along this route can be painfully slow at the best of times, a situation that will be exacerbated by the addition of so many coaches.

These will be belching out toxic fumes and particulates as they make their way slowly through another residential area and past three local schools thus endangering the health of both residents and children.

Having made their way along Sewerby Heads and turning left into Sewerby Road, the offending vehicles will then have to negotiate a difficult turn around the Marie Curie Field of Hope, to be diminished I believe, into Limekiln Lane and under the bridge where the road will be narrowed to a one-way priority lane to ensure that coaches can get through at the highest part.

They will then disembark their cargo of day trippers into an area of very few tourist facilities – limited toilet provision, one bar, one fish and chip shop and two cafes at the last count.

But that won’t matter because the Park and Ride bus will be there to transport them into town.

The solution to this worrying and totally unacceptable proposition is obvious to everyone but the civil servants sitting in their offices in Beverley.

Move the coach park to the current Park and Ride site in Wilsthorpe.

Revenue from this could then go towards paying off some of the deficit that it accrued last year.

Lynne Stanley
Marton Fields