Letter: Coach park stands empty on first day

David Dawson's picture shows an empty coach park on the day of its opening.
David Dawson's picture shows an empty coach park on the day of its opening.

Last Saturday was a glorious day with the town heaving with visitors. The perfect conditions for the opening of the new Bridlington Coach Park at Limekiln Lane.

The road through the bridge had been readapted to cope with the influx of coaches and was all freshly marked out with bright yellow lines. Would the coaches follow the prescribed council route along the back of Bridlington, down Martongate, and then through the Limekiln Lane bridge? Or would they take a short cut through the centre of town, up Eighth Avenue, or along the seafront and miss the bridge completely?

I arrived early so as not to miss the opening ceremony – the cutting of the red tape, the fanfare of trumpets and possibly an opening speech from some TV celebrity. Surely, the Beverley top brass would be there. For, after all, the entire venture was their brainwave.

But what a big disappointment and a let down. Not a soul or coach in sight. A damp squib if ever there was one.

Shortly, a coach park attendant arrived and workmen intent on doing battle with the unfinished car park section.

The attendant told me that three coaches had booked in for the day and he was expecting them around noon.

I then left and went to Hilderthorpe to see if any coaches had gone there instead. But there was only one which had denied the instruction to go to Limekiln.

On arriving back at Limekiln Lane, at about 1pm, the three coaches still hadn’t arrived. In contrast to the absent coaches, motorists were attempting to get into the unfinished car park section all day long. Limekiln Lane became heavily congested with motorists attempting to find a car parking spot. Meanwhile, the coach park attendant had given it all up as a bad job and gone home.

The same scene applied at the old Hilderthorpe Car and Coach Park. It was crammed full with cars.

The majority of visitors to the town come in cars not coaches. It is car parking spaces we are short of not coach ones. The era of the coach park visit is long time past.

David Dawson
Horseshoe Drive