Letter: Coach park clash over fewer spaces

The Limekiln Lane parking site can get very busy at peak times.
The Limekiln Lane parking site can get very busy at peak times.

Where are our visitors going to park their vehicles?

I read with most interest the article on the Limekiln Lane Coach Park in last week’s paper.

It will be most interesting to see, when finished, how many coaches will use the 30 allocated places provided for them.

As on average only five or six coaches visit the town each day in the summer they will be able to pick their spot and spread themselves out.

Most coach drivers and their passengers have already indicated that they are not keen on driving across town to Limekiln Lane preferring to drop off more centrally so they have easy access to the town and harbour.

Having already paid for their trip to Bridlington, many passengers might not be so keen to pay a further fee on the land train to and from the town. Unless, of course, the coaches will pick them up at the harbour top at the end of the day.

By far the majority of visitors to our town today travel in cars rather than coaches.

If we have a spate of good weather at Easter it could be a testing time.

Traditionally, for many years, Easter Sunday has been the busiest day of the year in Bridlington. Providing they can get across and through town - where are these visitors going to park?

We won’t be able to get a single coach or car in Limekiln Lane nor on the site of the Premier Inn.

Eventually some 90 car parking spaces will be lost at Limekiln and together with the loss on the Premier Inn this amounts to a loss of 240 spaces.

Some 170 parking spaces have been lost in Bridlington Town Centre since September 2016 which represents a reduction of almost 5% in town centre parking alone. East Riding officials tell us that the South Side Park and Ride site is full to capacity at peak holiday periods.

As far as Easter is concerned, I anticipate that coaches and cars will compete for parking spaces on the existing Hilderthorpe Central Car and Coach Park.

The cars will quickly fill up the allocated car park spaces then encroach on the coach park bays with resulting friction between coach and car drivers. This is what occurred at the last late August bank holiday.

If there is a glorious Easter it should be fun and games in Bridlington.

David Dawson

Horseshoe Drive