Letter: Closure of ward an NHS failure

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Further to last week’s report and fears as a consequence on the what now seems ill-fated Macmillan unit.

It took years of negotiation and planning.

Some determined members of the community raised thousands of pounds in that period to contribute to the project. One of the issues constantly raised during negotiation was the 18 miles journey by ambulance for cardiac arrest and maternity cases.

The reduced facility has seen that re-emerge with ward closures, and now adding to the list of failures on the part of the constant shuffling of so-called management we are to expect the demise of the Macmillan unit.

Privatisation rears its ugly head again, this can only be described as dubious insofar as profit has to be found at the cost of the treatment and care provided.

Having experienced the compassion and care provided by the staff of the unit, to even consider substituting such a wonderful service is an insult. Sadly we have an MP who makes a few whimpers but offers nothing that would contradict his political dogma.

Edward Brian Hardgrave

Church Street, Kilham