Letter: Car park was used as a 'race track'

Entrance to Palace car park.
Entrance to Palace car park.

In reply to Mr P Garland’s letter regarding the closure of the entrance at Palace car park.

This has nothing at all to do with one or two boy racers now and again. This was happening all day every day even at the busiest times.

Cars using the car park as a race track to speed to the other exit and get there first.

I have seen cars driving at between 20-25mph (remember this is not a road but a confined space) when families with children are either leaving or returning to their cars.

In the second part of his letter Mr Garland complains of speeding in Sewerby (not in a car park on the road) and states that nothing will be done until someone is killed. Well thanks to East Riding of Yorkshire Council something has been done and we have stopped that happening.

If this barrier had not been placed at the entrance when it was, someone would have been killed. Saving lives is much more important than the inconvenience caused and emission problems.

Alan Oliver

Town Farm Close