Letter: Cabbage patch up over anti-EU jibes

Cabbage patch up over anti-EU jibes.
Cabbage patch up over anti-EU jibes.

In response to Aled Jones’ letter about EU regulations on the sale of cabbages: the claim that there are 26,911 words of EU regulation has been made about various things including ‘the export of duck eggs’, and for some reason people who should know better report these claims as fact.

While the EU has 32,000 words of regulation on growing farm produce only 263 of those relate directly to marketing, and none are specific to cabbages. However, farmers in the UK have to follow the Assured Produce Standards, and that organisation’s Protocol for Cabbages runs to 23,510 words – this is not an EU regulation but a UK one written by a British person (so much for the EU being the only culprit when it comes to excessively detailed regulation).

This information is taken from a BBC article ‘The Great Cabbage Myth’ which can be read online at: (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35962999)

It is an interesting article, and shows these claims actually have their origin in 1940s America!

Michael Holmes

Moor Lane