Letter: Bus passengers cut off from amenities

There are concerns that some bus passengers may be cut-off from essential amenities.
There are concerns that some bus passengers may be cut-off from essential amenities.

Bus company EYMS says it is “simplifying the town network” and combining some quieter services.

For many years I was involved with the bus services in South Yorkshire before the idiotic introduction of bus passes made it impossible for private bus companies to make a living out of running services.

I give this information below to show that my complaints are not solely aimed at EYMS services.

My queries:

1) How do the people with limited walking ability in the north east of the town get access in the future to the Health Centre?

2) Even by catching the new No 6 bus into the bus station and changing to the Avocet Road bus it will not be possible to get to the Health Centre until 09.26 at the earliest.

3) The timetables still show Thorntondale Drive on Page 2 of the explanation but I think that this must be an error as no buses are to be routed along my road.

4) How do the people with infirmities and or heavy shopping bags get to the upper reaches of Cadman Road, to Thorntondale, to Kepple Drive and Mordacks in future?

5) As a result of introducing us to the delights of Hustler Road and Sewerby Road we will in the future be deprived of access to the Co-op supermarket, plus the Marton Road shops, the fish shop, the library and the Friendly Forrester.

6) We will lose our contact with the Old Town, the Priory, the Town Hall, the St John’s Road shops and easy access to the Health Centre by the fact that the old 512 went to all these.

I shall be particularly pleased to know the location of the nearest bus stop to town in future for me from the east end of Thorntondale and what day this will start from.

Mervyn Bradley
Thorntondale Drive