Letter: Bridlington to lose an institution

In Hilderthorpe Road, Jack’s Chippy is about to close.

When? Two weeks, two months?

The council had arranged a meeting with the owners but cancelled at the last minute.

What is going on?!

Jack’s is something of an institution in Brid, many, many years serving quality food to both the needy populace and visitors alike.

The mark of a hero is that they don’t flaunt their heroism, some brash contenders boast their ‘awards’, which surely Jack’s should have for their delicious culinary delights but no, Jack’s have never been looking for glory, only quality.

They will surely be missed, by me and very many others.

I think the council should fly their flag at half mast on the last day of Jack’s serving the community.

I think the council should dismantle Jack’s and rebuild it as close as possible to its existing site so we can all continue to enjoy their yummy-ness!

Council – read this and act in a positive and dignified manner as it is you who are forcing Jack’s to close!

If you don’t then please hang your heads in shame!

Andrew MacArthur

New Burlington Road, Bridlington