Letter: Bridlington needs to keep its identity

Bridlington is full of history, charm and character.
Bridlington is full of history, charm and character.

I despair that a Beverley-based council is in charge of Bridlington’s affairs.

The regeneration of Bridlington is a brilliant idea if it was studied more fully.

The regeneration in the town centre needs more investigation such as the junction of Hilderthorpe Road and Bridge Street where there should be traffic control at this junction as there have been numerous near misses. The pedestrian lights situated half way down Bridge Street would serve better and safer access if they were positioned at the junction of Hilderthorpe and Bridge Street. We are desperately short of car parking spaces without further diminishing existing facilities.

The coach park is ideally positioned in Hilderthorpe Road and doesn’t encroach on already decreasing car parking facilities. It is very clear that Beverley has very little interest in the people of Bridlington and the opinions that really count by its residents.

Bridlington is a fine decent town with oodles of history and charm and really needs to keep its identity.

People visit Bridlington from as far away as America and Australia and comment on its originality which really makes it far more attractive.

I know this scheme has been smouldering for years...the marina? I have spoken to scores of people and most ask this question.

This is not St Tropez so what sort of people will this marina attract? Because we cannot see posh yachts visiting this area. This is the North East Coast not the Mediterranean.

A multi-storey car park would be beneficial especially if it were sited where the British Legion Club used to be.

I am still very interested to see the outcome of the Premier Inn complex regarding parking for the guests and visitors in a very restricted space.

These are a few observations I have made and of course there are many more that concern us such as the future of Bridlington Hospital.

The poor state of the roads and pathways which are far more important than a fancy marina where the money quoted for its build would make Bridlington safer and far more attractive for its visitors and holiday makers.

So come on, Beverley, listen to the people of Bridlington and perhaps have a meeting or two in Bridlington where it matters.

Alec Leonard

Hermitage Road, Bridlington