Letter: Bridlington can be proud of its cadets

Bridlington pays its respects'picture: Paul Atkinson
Bridlington pays its respects'picture: Paul Atkinson

Recent weeks in and around Bridlington have seen many acts of remembrance and commemoration.

These have always been well supported by the community but this year we have seen a huge and most welcome presence of cadets of all crown forces and many other youth organisations clubs and schools from the very young to late teens.

They come from many backgrounds with great personal pride, not only for their disparate groupings but the community as a whole, with an apparent understanding of the history of their nation.

Great credit must go to their parents and the adults who freely give of their time, tolerance and different skills to help guide the young people in the right direction for their future life. Congratulations and thanks to all those concerned, you can all stand proud.

Brian E Hill

President of Bridlington branch Royal Naval Association