Letter: Brid’s poor TV signal

Bridlington's poor TV signal.
Bridlington's poor TV signal.

I have lived in Bridlington for 20 years. In every summer my TV has had interference, both sound and picture go off. This can be for minutes, hours or even days. As I understand it, this affects everyone in Bridlington because the nearest TV aerial for Bridlington is, I understand, in Lincolnshire.

Why can we not have one closer, perhaps in Scarborough, Hull or York?

Why does Bridlington have to be ‘the back of beyond’, both for TV reception and good shops? Why is nothing ever done about the TV reception in Bridlington? Perhaps East Riding of

Yorkshire Council, Bridlington Town Council, and our MP Sir Greg Knight could do something to sort this matter out?

In the 21st century, surely if rockets and men can be sent to the moon, Mars and outer space, something could be done to improve Bridlington’s TV reception once and for all.

Has anyone got any answers to this problem?

Peter Jones

Marton Road, Bridlington