Letter: Brid losing out to other towns in area

Brid losing out to other towns in the area.
Brid losing out to other towns in the area.

I thoroughly support the comments by C Cawthray regarding town parking.

However, with regard to his questions, these need to be amended since, according to ERYC parking report, over 45,000 vehicles used Beaconsfield and environs and not 28,000 as stated.

In relation to income, as well as £106,000 plus ticket sales, this car park generated a minimum £1.4m spend in the shops, cafes, businesses in the town (estimated on three people per vehicle – as the council did with the park and ride – and a paltry £10 per person per year spend). In reality the spend was probably in the region of 1.5m-3m plus.

Two days after the leisure centre opened, members of staff were directing overflow to Beaconsfield. (They are now directing overflow to the car park behind the Beaconsfield pub.)

A few days later, councillors voted to sell Beaconsfield to a hotel chain – where spend will be internal with only a fraction going out to the town.

So a third question would be: How do the council intend to help businesses recover lost revenue from visitors to this car park?

Solutions to parking, such as that mooted by one councillor, that the land train could be regarded as a park and ride are ludicrous! At busy times this year, not everyone who used it to go to Sewerby Hall could be guaranteed a ride back with disabled or older people having to use taxis. (Question: If a land train can be classed as park and ride can balloon flights be classed as an airline or donkey rides as equestrian training?)

Car parks, apart from the park and ride which lost £59,000 last year and £92,000 since it opened, are easily managed, money-generating businesses and a huge asset in town centres as illustrated by Beverley, Scarborough etc.

The lack of town centre parking is already driving visitors away and encouraging locals to drive to Scarborough, Beverley and Driffield where they can park centrally.

It would appear that Bridlington was used as a cash cow, to generate money for ERYC by selling Beaconsfield car park without regard to the consequences. How much money did they get?

Despite Freedom of Information requests, the council are unwilling to say. Why? This was a public asset. Other councils throughout the country have had no problem publishing what they received.

Question 4: What was the deal which sealed the fate of this car park?

Finally, it was stated by a Bridlington councillor, in support of the PI planning application, that councils cannot build hotels but they can build car parks. So use some of the money raised through the sale of Beaconsfield and do it!

Helen Gallagher

Tennyson Avenue, Bridlington