Letter: Brid deserves to be given more respect

John L'Amie says it is time for town councillors to stand up for Bridlington.
John L'Amie says it is time for town councillors to stand up for Bridlington.

How long does it take to widen a road? If you live in Bridlington, it’s like asking how long is a piece of string. They demolished the railway buildings next to Hilderthorpe Road to widen the road in 2016.

We are now in 2018 and what have they done to Hilderthorpe Road? Nothing except managing to grow a variety of weeds.

Further down Hilderthorpe Road we have got a bridge going no where, occasionally you may be lucky to see, one maybe two workmen looking the work but not actually physically working.

We seem to be the poor relation in the East Riding of Yorkshire - would they let this happen in Beverley? I doubt the county councillors would have allowed Beverley to be spoiled as

Bridlington. Have we got any councillor in Bridlington that will look after their town?

And then we have got the saga of the hospital situated on West Hill -– do our town fathers know where it is and what a gem it could be.

Are they turning a blind eye to York Trust’s wilful closing bit by bit of our hospital.

At least we have got our MP Greg Knight fighting our corner, but where are the town councillors?

They couldn’t the save the hospital bus from Bridlington to Scarborough from being closed down. A service that many of the older residents of this town had banked on to get to

Scarborough hospital, even if it was apparently put on when the Critical Care was moved from Bridlington to Scarborough.

And now we hear that one of the outlets of a major store chain will close down. Another sign as to how the two councils have let this town down.

What must visitors think of this once lovely seaside town? It’s time the town councillors stood up for this town and say this is enough and not roll over as to what East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants.

John C L’Amie

Cornfield Crescent