Letter: Bempton Lane like drag racing strip

Bempton Lane is being used like a drag strip.
Bempton Lane is being used like a drag strip.

The Free Press recently published a story regarding speeding thorough Sewerby that I read with interest.

I live at the very top of Bempton Lane and it is treated like a drag strip by drivers and motorcyclists.

All through the day and night we hear cars and motor cycles flying up and down Bempton Lane.

Those who do this pay no attention to the 30mph sign – they accelerate long before and only slow down after passing it.

My concern is that at some point somebody will be killed. My fears nearly came true a few weeks ago.

I was walking down Bempton Lane and a young man in a Seat Ibiza went past me at great speed and well before the 60mph limit he ‘got his foot down’ and drove really, really fast.

Unfortunately this was just as two young girls (I would say 11 years old) were crossing.

He really had to break and they ran, obviously scared by the experience.

I had been long concerned about Bempton Lane being used as a racing track so I emailed the police.

They did reply but so far they have done nothing.

What needs to happen is the 30mph limit needs moving further up Bempton Lane and some of the money raised through Speed Awareness courses needs to be spent on active speed reduction.

David Braithwaite

Bempton Lane, Bridlington