Letter: Be proud of your great gems in Brid

Bridlington Spa.
Bridlington Spa.

I read with interest the letter by Mr Pudsey (February 2 edition) about the ‘precept’ for the Bridlington Spa.

If he looked more closely at his council tax bill he will notice that there is no such thing – no special funding section for the Spa on the official form.

Locals should be very proud of the Spa and the services it provides, and residents should not be sniping from the fringes.

Any money spent by the council on the Spa will just be part of the council’s commercial activities which ultimately benefits everyone in the Bridlington area.

The Spa is not a charity and provides something very special, wonderfully unique, in Bridlington.

The staff are extremely friendly and very professional – they deserve more than people taking pot shots at the complex. Be proud of what you have in Bridlington.

Mr B Johnson