Letter: Answers call on open land policy

County Hall, Beverley.
County Hall, Beverley.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been giving the impression that open land in the East Riding is being developed to meet government directives.

But when challenged to produce a single government document requiring open land development anywhere in the East Riding, for example on open land around Beverley, ERYC has not been able to do so.

The Beverley/Hull/East Riding area in no way compares with parts of England where jobs are readily available, and more housing is needed.

There is no significant population increase in the Hull/Beverley/East Riding area.

Siemens is investing in Hull. There is no jobs boom in Beverley or the rest of the East Riding. So why build on yet more open land, when there are brownfield sites, more affordable housing and job opportunities, and an existing urban infrastructure, in Hull?

ERYC fails to answer this question.

Government requires ERYC to work actively with Hull City Council in determining local housing and other planning needs. ERYC has not demonstrated that it is doing so.

There is, however, an acknowledged and continuing migration out of Hull to open land in the East Riding.

Hull is losing a vital element of its population, and the East Riding is losing open land.

ERYC not only fails to address this problem, but is exacerbating it by allowing even more open land to be developed.

Government is focusing on sustainability issues.

What is sensible or sustainable to have yet more people living in open land housing developments driving to work in Hull or Leeds?

ERYC has not answered this question.

Finally, is ERYC’s open land planning strategy no more than a matter of keeping developers and landowners happy?

Why are ERYC’s leaders deliberately ignoring invitations to answer these questions in public?
Richard Wilson
Stanley Road, Oxford