Letter: An erosion of our basic facilities

Cuts to transport and health services are causing anxiety among elderly residents.
Cuts to transport and health services are causing anxiety among elderly residents.

The recent cut in bus services within Bridlington and surrounding areas is causing many elderly people much distress. I have recently had a letter from Sir Greg Knight MP informing me that legislation has been amended to protect the free bus travel scheme for years to come and have removed the need for it to be reviewed every five years.

The cuts together with the cancellation of the shuttle bus between Bridlington and Scarborough hospitals, and the continued under use of our hospital is causing many people more and more anxiety.

To attend appointments or visit Scarborough if one has no car is becoming a nightmare as the buses from Bridlington to Scarborough do not connect with the bus from Scarborough to the hospital.

Of course, we are told to use a taxi but many cannot afford to do this.

For many to get to the doctor’s surgery means getting a bus into town and another out of town - this means juggling the appointment time with bus times and making sure they connect.
Many surveys have proved that loneliness among the elderly people can cause ill health. Bridlington is becoming a favourite place for people to retire to and also to visit - more houses (although not social housing) are being built - but surely it is common sense that it is not fair to residents if there are not the facilities that are needed such as health, transport and education available.

There are also problems for younger people getting to and from work if they have not a car - even then there is the problem of parking.
I have lived here about 25 years and cannot believe that the people of the town are not listened to.

Jean Wormwell MBE
Viking Road