Letter: A sad decision to close M&S store

A sad decision to close Bridlington's M&S store.
A sad decision to close Bridlington's M&S store.

I have been going to Bridlington for years from Hull and was disappointed to hear that the M&S store in the town plans to close.

I think the resort has gone down over the years with the hospital services and wards closing and services dropped and patients expected to travel elsewhere for treatment.

Emergencies have to travel to other towns for emergency treatment, being 17 miles for resort and 30 miles for another. These patients can be in pain and discomfort and the travelling will not help.

The town has many elderly people living there whose health is expected to need urgent treatment often and then having to be rushed to Hull or York in an ambulance, bringing upset while getting there and relatives can’t always travel with them, and visiting is difficult for them often without a car.

David Treacher

Nelson Road