Letter: A plea to review coach park plans

Residents urge council to review coach park plans.
Residents urge council to review coach park plans.

We were dismayed to read in the Free Press of the decision made by the ERYC Planning Committee to allow the use of Limekiln Road car park as a coach park.

To quote the headline in the paper: ‘The opinions of local people have been completely ignored’.

The council is made up of elected members who are there to represent and to serve their local community. On this occasion the councillors have chosen to disregard thousands of

Bridlington residents and the opinion of the Town Council. We feel totally let down and very badly served.

In the Free Press editorial comment two weeks ago it pointed out that the coach park had suddenly become a priority on the council’s agenda over the past year and in the rush alternative venues were not considered.

It is not hard to think of other schemes, eg retain half the existing park (ie spaces for 45 coaches) and use the remaining area for retail development, or use existing space adjoining the Park and Ride facility.

Car parking continues to be a big problem in the town and we wonder why the former Co-op building on the Promenade is still empty.

It is an eye-sore and takes valuable space which could be better used. At present the Premier Inn customers will have a close view of a derelict site.

Could it be that the majority of its members rarely visit the town and so have very little interest in its future?

Unfortunately the council’s track record is not perfect, eg the area around the Bridlington Spa which has a potentially dangerous combination of unmarked road and pavements, dead trees resulting from neglect and cuboid seats which are used by local dogs rather than local people.

However it has to be said that the Spa itself is excellent.

We would urge the council to review the coach park decision, looking seriously at alternative sites.

A public meeting might be held which could enable council and community to work together in a positive partnership. We all need to remember that we are stewards of a wonderful coastline.

Rev and Mrs John Wardle

First Avenue