Letter: A clear stand on fracking

The Yorkshire Party stand clear on fracking.
The Yorkshire Party stand clear on fracking.

As days go by I am getting more and more concerned over the state of the fracking industry. The people of Yorkshire do not want fracking not only on our doorstep but in our fields.

With the development progressing at Kirby Misperton near Malton, with the help of central government, it is only a matter of time before a site is earmarked in East Yorkshire where we have the perfect ground conditions for fracking.

This needs to be halted in its tracks before it even gets off the ground.

As a member of the Yorkshire Party and their candidate in the recent General Election in East Yorkshire I am proud to say that our policy is clear on the issue of fracking.

We are 100% against it and indeed we consider that not only is it poor for our current environment but also for the future with the risk of global warming increased through the use of the fossil fuels.

Other risks with fracking which must be avoided are:

The contamination of underground water supplies;

The destruction of beautiful landscape;

The potential destruction of farmland through contamination;

The devastation of already underinvested in roads with the many and various heavy wagons;

The loss of livelihoods and trade in tourism and farming.

Yet despite all of these risks the move to frack continues and now we see the police service being used to prevent people from protesting peacefully against the organisations and companies who are developing these fracking sites.

It is time that the people of Yorkshire were listened to and had our opinions heard rather than rode roughshod over.

It is time that our councillors and politicians stood up and said – We don’t want fracking in Yorkshire or Lancashire. We don’t want fracking!

I am sure that it will be a major subject that will be discussed at our upcoming conference on Saturday, July 15, at Bridlington Spa.

It is a major subject that will affect many Yorkshire towns and villages.

Tim Norman
Shaftesbury Road