Lead taken from school roof

LEAD thieves have struck at Bridlington School and Sports College.

Police believe more than one person must have been involved, together with a vehicle, to remove a large section of lead sheeting approximately 13 ft long by 2ft 6in wide from the roof.

Sgt Steve Dove of Bridlington police, said: “This would have been very heavy to remove and take away and we believe a vehicle must have been involved. This is the latest in a growing number of metal thefts and across the Humberside force we are working with the local authority and scrap metal dealers to make it more difficult for thieves to dispose of stolen metals.”

The lead was removed sometime overnight from Wednesday October 19 to Thursday October 20.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious or noticed a vehicle late at night near the school is asked to contact Bridlington police on 0845 6060 222 quoting crime number CW/1870621/11.