Laughing gardener’s tips

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Local gardening expert Paul Robinson celebrated his 230th live gardening talk at Norton to the National Women’s Register (NWR) a group of 60.

Paul is also known as the ‘laughing gardener’ due to his approach to making people laugh during his talks.

Robinson says he loves making people laugh and also informing them of horticultural knowledge and gardening tips.

“I want to make gardening fun and enjoyable and exciting and a little bit scary when I talk about poisonous plants or creepy crawlies,” said Paul.

“My talks have me eating insects (not live) then I discuss why insects are nutrious in Asia where they are eaten regularly by people.

“Then I talk about all different kinds of insects in our gardens the benefits some provide and pests like vine weevils and the destruction they can cause.

“I get the audience to drink juices I make up in some of the bottles, the audience is always nervous because there are not sure what they are drinking.

“Beetroot juice is a favourite with the ladies it’s the natural Viagra always gets a huge laugh.

“They love learning how beetroot is also good for stamina and lowers your blood pressure.”

Paul added: “I covered loads of gardening topics in my hour and 15 minutes talk from poisonous plants to how to propagate plants.”

Christine Harrison organiser of NWR commented on Paul’s talk: “His performance in making the audience roar with laughter will be remembered for a very long time.

“We hadn’t realised gardening could be such fun.”

Paul also had positive feedback from Skipsea Gardening Club where he gave a talk recently where Jackie Harland said his talk was entertaining.

The biggest satisfaction Paul gets from his talks is when some people say they don’t like gardening but by the end of the talk, they have enjoyed it so much they have even bought a plant.

Anyone who wants to book Paul for one of his talks can phone him on 01262 403435.

Many of Paul’s talks are to gardening groups but he also does a lot of talks to other groups.

He is giving a guided tour around Sewerby gardens on Sunday 27th September 27. To book a place phone 01262 673769.