Labrador rescue prompts warning

Dog recovered safe and sound
Dog recovered safe and sound

COASTGUARDS have given a warning to dog walkers to keep their pets on a lead near cliff edges.

It follows an incident around 10am on Saturday when a coastguard volunteer had to be lowered down the 250ft cliff face at Coombes Newk on Flamborough Head to rescue a black Labrador dog trapped on a ledge.

Deputy Station Officer Trevor Norton, a cliff technician with the Bridlington Coastguard Search and Rescue Team, was lowered around 150 feet down the cliff by colleagues to get the dog into a recovery bag at a point around 100 feet above the waves below.

The uninjured young dog was returned to its owners, who were visiting the area from Warrington in Cheshire.

The incident also involved Flamborough Lifeboat, which had to be launched to spot the dog from the sea, as it was impossible for it to be seen from the cliff top.

The lifeboat crew guided the rescue team to the right spot where the dog was.

It was the latest of several incidents involving animals falling down cliffs both at Flamborough and Sewerby.

It was at exactly the same spot where, earlier this summer, a Spaniel had a lucky escape after being rescued by the lifeboat when it plunged from the cliff top into the sea.

It has prompted the team’s Station Officer, Andrew Shipley, to issue yet another warning to visitors and locals alike who walk their pets near cliff tops.

“Dogs should always be on leads. People wouldn’t walk their dogs on the edge of a busy road without being on a lead so why do it on a cliff top,” he said.