Knitters add more colour to the harbour

Jane Allanson, Janet Ince, Helen McGonigle and Margaret Hudson
Jane Allanson, Janet Ince, Helen McGonigle and Margaret Hudson

On a glorious summer’s day, Bridlington harbour can be a wonderfully, colourful sight.

But a group of local knitters have been doing their bit to make it even more attractive - with ‘yarn-bombing’ - a form of street art.

Hand-made seaside squares, featuring fish, seagulls and beach huts, have popped up in the area to get more visitors and residents interested in the area’s maritime heritage, as part of Bridlington’s Townscape Heritage project.

Tania Weston, townscape heritage officer said: “This part of the town grew from a small fishing harbour as a result of tourism during the Victorian era.

“This summer we wanted to inspire people to think about the area’s history and its long connection with fishing and knitting in a surprising and fun way.”

Bridlington has a long tradition of the link between knitting and fishing, with gansey jumper patterns identifying each fishing village or town along the Yorkshire coast, as can be seen in the popular Gansey Girl sculpture on the North Pier.

Now, the new knitted additions have been added behind the kiosks on Garrison Square and the railings at Crane Wharf.

“We’ve really enjoyed knitting all these seaside shapes,” said volunteer knitters Helen McGonigle and Jane Allanson.

“It’s made us think about what makes up this part of Bridlington and how it has changed over the years.”

Margaret Hyland, chief executive of the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners, said: “The yarn bombing volunteers have done a tremendous job.

“This vibrant marine display really enhances our historic harbour.”