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A recent survey found that a brand of sausages had 60% more fat content than the label stated.
A recent survey found that a brand of sausages had 60% more fat content than the label stated.

Whether Britain manages to secure a deal – either good or bad – on our terms of leaving the EU is still uncertain, but this has not stopped some doom-mongers from predicting catastrophe and chaos whatever happens, despite them being repeatedly proved wrong with their earlier predictions.

We were told that overseas investment in the country would dry up, but overseas investors are proving to be ever more willing to invest in the UK, bringing over 75,000 new jobs in the last year.

Sir Greg Knight MP.

Sir Greg Knight MP.

Then we were told that our economy would collapse, but it continues to boom, with our unemployment rate now at its lowest level since the 1970s.

Amid all this good news, the disaster junkies are now demanding a second EU Referendum to try to halt the Brexit process.

This is something that I cannot support.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron said when holding the Brexit Referendum that the vote would “settle this European question in British politics”.

Even so, some people are now clamouring for a second referendum, largely it seems because they did not like the result of the first one.

Amongst those backing another vote is presenter Gary Lineker.

But I wonder what this ex-footballer would say if someone suggested that we re-run an FA Cup Final every time that we discover that some of the spectators are not supporters of the winning team?

A second referendum could erode the basis of our democracy because it would be signifying that rule by the majority is an insufficient condition for our democratic legitimacy.

But “democracies are entitled to change their mind” some say. This is a devious assertion.

Firstly, would those wanting referendum number two be willing to countenance a third referendum, to verify the outcome of the second? ….And so on.

Importantly, Brexit hasn’t happened yet. A second referendum would not be changing a decision that has been implemented but sabotaging one that has not yet been enacted.

The accuracy of food labelling is very important so that consumers know what it is they are buying.

Generally manufacturers have got better over the years, but there are still some shocking differences between product content and what the label says you are buying.

Recently, one survey discovered that a particular brand of sausages had 60% more fat content than the label stated.

Clearly, this is not acceptable and manufacturers have only themselves to blame if prosecutions follow.

As we leave the EU we should take back control of our labelling laws. It is clear that this is one area where more -and not less- regulation is needed.

Sometimes things happen which bring a smile to your face, even though the subject matter is not particularly funny.

Recently, a crook, suspected of a number of crimes abandoned his pushbike when chased by the police.

He was later arrested by a police officer who used it to catch him!