Kite surfer rescued by lifeboat

A KITE surfer had to be plucked from icy seas by a lifeboat after becoming separated from his surfboard.

Coastguards sent a rescue team to the beach at Fraisthorpe where they spotted the man, in his mid 30s to 40s, in the water.

They alerted Bridlington’s inshore lifeboat and the Coastguard centre in Limekiln Lane contacted a Sea King air sea rescue helicopter which was on exercise nearby.

The rescue team were able to direct the lifeboat to the man who had been in the sea where offshore winds were gusting to force six, for almost an hour. He was being kept afloat by two windsurfers who had come to his aid.

He had no head cover or flotation aids.The lifeboat crew gave him a neoprene balaclava to try and keep him warm.

When the man, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, was lifted on board he told lifeboat crew members he was feeling unwell and was extremely cold. Once on shore he was put into a waiting coastguard vehicle to keep warm and given oxygen.

An RAF rescue helicopter landed on the beach for their paramedic to assess the surfer he was then taken away by the coastguard.

A spokesman for Bridlington lifeboat said: “The crew got to this man in time and he was lucky there were two surfers on hand to help him. Had he been much longer in the sea it may have been a different story”.

The alarm had been raised by his partner on the beach who realised he was in difficulties.