Kemp’s no weak link

Vaughn Kemp as appeared on the Weekest Link Game show'PA1139-31a
Vaughn Kemp as appeared on the Weekest Link Game show'PA1139-31a
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VAUGHNE Kemp is a great TV quiz fan, but got the surprise of his life when he found himself face to face with the formidable Anne Robinson.

The Weakest Link is one of his favourite quiz programmes and in an idle moment he fired off an on-line application to be a contestant.

“I thought that would be that I would not hear anything further, but three weeks later someone rang up. It was a total surprise,” said Vaughne, who works in the building trade and is a familiar face on Bridlington’s seafront where he works as a door supervisor at weekends at the Hook and Parrot pub and at Loop night spot.

The first step on his road to his moment of TV fame was an audition held in a hotel in Sheffield where he and nine others were put through an informal session of answering questions and a few film sessions on camera to see how he looked and answered questions.

That led to him being shortlisted to go on the show which can take up to six months but he got the call to take part in the real thing in December.

“They had a lot of cancellations because of the bad winter weather, which also meant I couldn’t go,” said Vaughne, who lives with his partner Victoria, Telia, 11 and Jackson, 17 months in St Wilfred Road, Bridlington.

He got his chance again in August when he and Victoria had an all expenses trip to BBC Glasgow where the show is filmed, including a stay in a nice hotel.

When it came to recording the show Victoria was not allowed on set and Vaughne and his fellow contestants sweated it out for four hours to record the programme.

“It is not quite like what you see on TV, and all you can see on the set is Anne Robinson and the other contestants.

“The spotlights mean you can’t see anything else. It was quite intimidating and I was absolutely shattered when it was over,” he said.

And what did he think of Ms Robinson?

“She was very abrupt. There was a bit of banter during the show, but that was it,” said Vaughne.

Now he has tasted what it is like to actually take part in a show he hopes to do it again and has set his sights on The Chase or even Eggheads.

His Weakest Link contest is due to be screened in the next few weeks, but until then he is sworn to secrecy about how he did. “I have not even told Victoria,” he said.