Kasabian rock The Spa Bridlington

Kasabian at The Spa, Bridlington.
Kasabian at The Spa, Bridlington.

Kasabian are not a band for the feint hearted.

The wall of sound which hit the 3,800 strong crowd at the Spa Bridlington as Kasabian launched into the first number set the tone for the whole evening of unrelenting rock music.

Having been a fan of Kasabian since I was a teenager but never getting the chance to see them perform live, it fulfilled a long awaited wish - I was certainly not disappointed.

Neither were the crowd who joined in raucously with every tune and lapped up the banter from the Leicester-band.

Kasabian - who are Tom Meighan, Serge Pizzorno, Tim Carter, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews, are set to release their fifth studio album, following from ‘Velociraptor!’ in September last year.

And if their adrenaline-fuelled performance in the Spa’s Royal Hall is anything to go by, Kasabian fans are in for a treat.

An impressive light show added an extra dimension to the guitar driver psychedelic rock, and with Serge on stage sporting a skeleton-print t-shirt the band cut a powerful image.

Kasabian treated the audience to a selection of their best-known songs, building up to the iconic Club Foot with rumbling guitar combined with strobe lighting before launching into the riff.

The delight of the crowd was palpable, as the heat radiating off the thousands dancing in the balcony and filling the floor space showed.

Close to the end of the set, which was just short of two-hours, Kasabian had the crowd in the palm of their hand, and Serge’s call for everyone to “get up on the shoulders” saw a wave of fans hoisted up onto their friends shoulders for another big tune.

After tumultuous demand from the audience, the band returned on stage for a lengthy encore, before signing off for the night, leaving Brid Spa well and truly rocked.