Judi Dench praised Brid runner

Lynsey is taking part in the London Marathon tomorrow
Lynsey is taking part in the London Marathon tomorrow

Dame Judi Dench has wished a Bridlington nurse good luck ahead of the London Marathon on Sunday.

Psychiatric Nurse Lynsey Briggs is running as part of the largest HEART UK team for some years in memory of her late father, who died unexpectedly in 2012 of a heart attack caused by high cholesterol levels.

Dame Judi Dench has praised Bridlington's Lynsey for taking part

Dame Judi Dench has praised Bridlington's Lynsey for taking part

Former James Bond star Dame Judi said: “On behalf of HEART UK, I’d like to wish Lynsey the very best of luck for the London Marathon, which is so much more demanding than trying to keep 007 in line!

“HEART UK receives no government funding and the work it does is vital to support patients and their families and ensure that more people understand the importance of being aware of and managing their cholesterol levels.”

Lynsey explained how her training is going and why she is so motivated to support HEART UK: “I ran a marathon back in 2014, and – although it was an amazing experience – I vowed afterwards that I’d never do another, and yet here I am, back for round two.

“After my father’s death, HEART UK were wonderful in supporting my family. They couldn’t have done more for us, so I decided to give something back to them and raise awareness of their work by putting myself through the torture of running a marathon!’

“I was assaulted in October, leaving me on crutches for a while, which was a hiccup in my training, but I’m now back on track. I will cross that line, even if it’s at a crawl or a hop; nothing can stop me finishing that race.”

This is the second time Lynsey has run a marathon and she is aiming to complete the course in under six hours, with this year set to hit the magic number of the one millionth London Marathon runner to cross the finishing line.

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HEART UK are aiming to raise at least £70,000 from the Marathon to fund its life-saving work including raising awareness about the risks of high cholesterol, running our helpline and lobbying the Government and other health bodies to ensure that vital medication is available to the at risk or those managing cholesterol related conditions.

HEART UK is the UK's only charity dedicated to providing support for people with high cholesterol and familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), an inherited form of high cholesterol that can be life threatening if left untreated. They also work with governing bodies and medical stakeholders to develop better methods of detection and treatment for all cholesterol-related conditions.