Journalist pens autobiography

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A FORMER Bridlington based journalist has written an autobiography which follows his almost 50 year career as a professional writer.

And for every copy sold of Roy Briggs’ book, ‘Eve of Forgiveness: A Journalist’s Journey’, a £1 donation will be made to Cancer Research UK.

Roy spent 28 years in news reporting followed by 20 years specialising in horse racing - his long-time hobby.

As a teenager, finding himself trapped in an engineering course, he was rescued by a blackbird which built a nest in the porch of his home near Rotherham. This unusual nesting site transformed Roy’s life when featured in a local paper – when he knew for certain what his future career should be.

Roy began his career at 17 on ‘The Star’ as a junior reporter at the Sheffield head office and after eight years on the paper he launched Briggs News Agency in Doncaster in 1974.

In 1984, the roving reporter sold his Doncaster agency and moved to Bridlington to set up the East Yorkshire Press Agency specialising in racing news and features which kept him busy for his final 20 years in journalism.

A Journalist’s Journey embraces a wide variety of human interest stories ranging from the bizarre, humorous and tragic, whilst his racing career saw the launch of a successful media campaign to expose a scandal involving cruelty to ex-racehorses.

Looking back on his near half a century of writing, he rates his three year campaign to push racing’s rulers into providing some form of ‘safety net’ to prevent former racehorses ending up as cruelty victims, as the highlight of his career.

Roy, 72, says: “I spent eight years at Bridlington building up my racing news service. We moved to the town to help look after my ageing in-laws who lived in Harewood Avenue and we still have some good friends in Bridlington.”

During his spell in the town he and his wife Joyce lived in Sewerby Road and Joyce and their daughter Sandra launched a dog grooming business, ‘Dogsbody’ in Horsforth Avenue which ran for several years.

Eventually Roy moved on to Scarborough, where he now lives. The second part of his memoirs carries an important message on forgiveness.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Roy on 01723 503076 or