Josh’s Grand challenge to beat disease

Josh Beasley
Josh Beasley

From the highest point in Europe to one of the world’s most iconic landmarks - when Josh Beasley chooses a challenge, he really tests himself.

Having climbed to the top of Mont Blanc in the Alps in 2016, he is now planning a 40-mile trek through the Grand Canyon next September.

Josh climbed Mont Blanc in 2016

Josh climbed Mont Blanc in 2016

Josh was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease when he was 18, and lost his mum to the condition a decade ago. He is heading to America to raise money to fund research into finding a cure.

Josh said: “I looked at all the different challenges which were available and that one stood out. We will be camping in the Grand Canyon for five nights and then the final night will be in Las Vegas. I’ve never been to America before.”

He has already started training at the gym for his latest attempt to help the association which carries out research into the condition which three of his siblings have also tested positive for.”

The 21-year-old said: “Huntington’s is a genetically inherited disease. There is no telling when it will kick in and there is no cure for it.

“It will take away my ability to walk, talk, chew and swallow, but advances are going on all the time and the research is looking good.”

Josh, who works at Morrisons in Bridlington and is studying for a degree in criminology and law, has to raise a minimum of £3,750.

He is organising a charity entertainment evening at the Expanse Hotel on August 31 or you can donate at