John Bull on TV

John Bull staff
John Bull staff

A NEW BBC drama which was partly filmed in Bridlington is hitting television screens this Sunday, July 24.

Scenes for Sugartown, starring Sue Johnston, were filmed at the John Bull Rock factory in February this year and staff enjoyed a taste of being stars of the small screen by featuring as extras throughout the production.

The first episode of the three-part series will air on BBC One at 10.25pm and managing director of John Bull, Trevor Hodgson, said that he would definitely be watching.

“All the staff are interested in it as most of them were extras so obviously they are looking forward to seeing the outcome,” he said.

“We think it will help Bridlington too, it will be promotion for John Bull and probably help bring more people to the factory to see how real sweets are made.

“I will definitely be watching myself and we hope that if it is a success then they may run another series.”

Set in a northern seaside hamlet which once enjoyed a heyday as the ‘stick-of-rock capital of Britain’, Sugartown tells the story of a family who run a traditional sweet factory and have to decide whether to adapt to the schemes of one of the brood who returns from London full of new ideas.

It is directed by Christine Gernon who has worked on Gavin And Stacey, and produced by Susie Liggat who has worked on Doctor Who.

Filey and Scarborough were the prime locations, but the John Bull factory and its staff were used for scenes requiring an actual working sweet factory.