Jobs to go at Bridlington Hospital?

Bridlington Hospital.
Bridlington Hospital.

THERE are no plans to close the occupational therapy service at Bridlington Hospital – but question marks remain over the future of the hospital’s Buckrose Ward.

Humber NHS Foundation Trust, which runs both services, has also confirmed that up to 30 members of staff could face redundancy across the organisation as they strive to make “efficiency savings” after funding cuts.

This comes after rumours circulated that the trust were ready to pull both services.

A trust spokesman confirmed there are no plans to close down the occupational therapy service, although the number of staff in the team may be reduced.

Regarding the future of the 16-bed Buckrose Ward, which treats patients with mental health issues, the spokesman said: “We are considering the future use of all our estate, including Buckrose. It is our intention to continue to provide services out of Buckrose, but we will consult on any possible changes.”

David Snowdon, chief executive of the Humber NHS Foundation Trust said: “In line with the rest of the public sector, the trust is facing unprecedented requirements to make efficiency savings, with in excess of £7 million of savings to deliver in the next financial year.

“We are doing everything that we can to avoid the need to make staff redundant; however the size of the financial challenge next year means that we are unfortunately unable to avoid that situation.

“Where service changes are required they will only occur after a thorough risk assessment has taken place which confirms that patient safety and service quality will not be compromised as a result of the change.

“For those individual members of staff who may be affected by the changes, we will provide them with all the support that we can, and will do our upmost to try and support them in finding suitable alternative employment wherever this is possible.”