Jessie J makes it a gig to remember in Bridlington

Bridlington SPA'Jessie J Concert'PA1143-14b
Bridlington SPA'Jessie J Concert'PA1143-14b
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WHO’S laughing now? The thousands of Jessie J fans who packed out the Spa last week for a concert to remember.

The London born singer, who made her name in the past 18 months with a string of hits including ‘Do it like a dude’ and ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, wowed more than 3,500 people with an energetic performance last Wednesday evening.

Bridlington SPA'Jessie J Concert'PA1143-15h

Bridlington SPA'Jessie J Concert'PA1143-15h

Tickets for the show sold out within weeks of their release in early June, so it was no surprise to see fans queuing around the block from early afternoon to get right to the front of the Spa theatre.

Fans trickled into the venue to see warm-up acts Cherri V, whose up tempo pop and soulful voice - similar in style to Jessie J - was well received by the audience.

The second support act, Devlin, also had heads nodding and feet tapping with his brand of grime rap. But it was when he mentioned the star of the evening - Jessie - that drew the biggest reception from an expectant crowd.

When she arrived to deafening cheers from an audience that ranged from under 10s with their parents, groups of teenagers, and couples hoping for a good show, Jessie launched into songs from her hit album ‘Who You Are’.

Covering some older favourites - possibly a nod to her varied fanbase - Jessie performed Never Too Much by Luther Vandross as well as throwing in a Bob Marley sample.

Enjoying banter with the crowd between songs, Jessie confessed that “I’d never heard of Bridlington Spa before but I thought ‘that’s a cool name’ - I’m loving it here”.

Performing with a live band in front of a large pink staircase, Jessie performed energetically for more than an hour before leaving the stage briefly - only to return moments later to frenzied chanting from the crowd to perform a show-stopping encore.

Leaving fans on a high note, Jessie performed ‘Do it like a dude’ and an extended version of ‘Price Tag’, introducing her backing singers and band, and only left the stage after being proposed to by a starstruck fan.

Nine-year-old Lizzie Templeton came along to the show with her mum Helen, as a special treat for her 10th birthday in November.

Lizzie said: “I had a wonderful time and ‘Price Tag’ was my favourite song out of the ones she sang.

“The other concerts I’ve been to see are the Brid Bash and Alexandra Burke, but Jessie was better than both of them.”

Jodi Baxter and Emma Stadler, both 12, and 7-year-old Kate Stadler, were brought to the show by Debbie Brown and Tracy Stadler.

All of the kids agreed the show was “fantastic, it was really good fun”, while Debbie and Tracy said: “We couldn’t believe the turn out. It’s great that the Spa have got someone so popular to come along and we’ve all had a wonderful night.”

Tracy Parker brought daughters Chaise, 6 and Shellby, 11, along with her neice Fallon Parker, 12 - who was lucky enough to be given a heart shaped balloon by Jessie on stage - from Normington near Leeds.

Tracy said: “What an amazing night. My daughter usually works as part of Jessie’s backstage team but couldn’t make it tonight, but still she met the children and had her photo taken with them.

“We ended up having our tickets upgraded which meant we had a ticket spare.

“There was a little girl outside, aged about 8, and we managed to make her night as she was without a ticket.”