Janet’s 15 years as weight-loss coach

Janet Wark is pictured with her area manager Melanie Pym.
Janet Wark is pictured with her area manager Melanie Pym.

A Weight Watchers coach is celebrating 15 years of helping Bridlington residents to shed the extra pounds.

Janet Wark, a coach and mentor who runs sessions at Emmanuel Church, Cardigan Road, on Tuesdays, started her career after losing 75lb by attending meetings.

The weight-loss programme changed Janet’s life and she became five dress sizes smaller in the process.

After the success, Janet wanted to get out there and help others achieve their own weight loss dreams.

She was looking to give something back and wanted others to feel how she felt after losing weight.

Janet, 41, said: “It was 15 years ago this month I ran my very first Weight Watchers meeting.

“I had previously been attending my local Weight Watchers meeting for two and a half years and lost 75lb.

“After completing the Weight Watchers training I was initially given three meetings a week to run.

“Being a coach is my full time job. I currently run six meetings a week and I can honestly say that the last 15 years have been an amazing journey.

“I am so lucky to meet and support motivational people, every day is different and rewarding in its own way and this job would not be what it is without the members.

“I want to thank every member who has ever been in one of my meetings and look forwarding to supporting the members I am yet to meet.

“Weight Watchers changes lives – not only did I find a rewarding career but I also met my husband.

“I still enjoy an active social life and have become a healthier and happier person.”

If you would like to find out more about the sessions in Bridlington email Janet at jwark@weight-watchers.co.uk or visit Facebook Weight Watchers Janet Wark.