James Martin meals on menu at Bridlington Hospital

The Bridlington hospital kitchen staff celebrate the arrival of James Martin's meals. (PA1248-4)
The Bridlington hospital kitchen staff celebrate the arrival of James Martin's meals. (PA1248-4)

PATIENTS, staff and visitors to Bridlington Hospital will now be treated to a new menu created by celebrity chef James Martin.

While the chef’s homemade soups were introduced at the hospital earlier this year, from this week the full menu has now been introduced – including popular dishes such as sticky toffee pudding and slow cooked pork.

When James Martin embarked on Operation Hospital Food, a week-long series for BBC 1 which aired last September, his aim was for the project to be rolled out at hospitals across the country.

Scarborough and Bridlington Hospital catering manager, Pat Bell, explained: “We are delighted to now be in a position where we can roll out the James Martin menu at Bridlington Hospital and hope that the new dishes will be as well received by patients and staff as they have at Scarborough Hospital. We are still in touch with James and are currently working alongside him and colleagues from other NHS Trusts on the next series of Operation Hospital Food.”

Working alongside catering managers and hospital chefs, James wanted to show how it was possible to produce healthy, appetising meals using fresh local ingredients whilst sticking to a tight budget and improving patient and staff satisfaction levels.

Ken Brown, head chef at Bridlington Hospital, said: “We are 
really looking forward to rolling out this new menu at Bridlington. The homemade soups have proved to be very popular.

“We would love for more staff and visitors to visit the hospital restaurant for lunch and hope that James’ new menu will be a popular draw.”