Jailed: Thug who punched hairdresser

A yob who punched a 5ft 5in hairdresser unconscious outside a Bridlington nightclub has been jailed for a year.

Friday, 26th February 2016, 8:25 am
Updated Friday, 26th February 2016, 9:40 am
Lee Singh

Lee Singh, who is 6ft 1in, punched the woman “full on” in an overreaction at being confronted outside the club accused of stealing drinks by the woman’s cousin on June 7 last year.

His victim, a 44-year-old hairdresser, was left with a broken nose, lying in a pool of blood with her front tooth on the floor knocked out to the root.

Jailing Singh for 12 months at Hull Crown Court (Friday February 19), Judge Mark Bury said: “This assault has changed her life.

Lee Singh

“She is now conscious of the way she looks and is awaiting further operations.

“She now has anxiety issues about going out, all of this is understandable and foreseeable after what you did.

“This was in a public place on a busy night.

“The offence is so serious that only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate.

Lee Singh

“The public must understand that people like you who involve themselves in violence will lose their liberty.”

Singh, 34, claimed to have only “yanked” her to the ground because she was pulling his top and had thrown three punches at him.

The jury was not told he had a previous conviction for a violent assault outside a nightclub in Bradford in 2008 for which he received a 12-month community order.

Defence barrister Nigel Clive said: “He has expressed remorse for what happened that evening.

“He did not mean to cause the injuries he did, he says he was acting in self-defence.

“He found himself on his own in the club after getting separated from friends.

“He himself was punched by the complainant during the altercation.

“He is extremely sorry for what happened.”

Prosecutor David Godfrey said: “What is abundantly clear is this was an unpleasant, unsavoury situation.

“He overreacted, he took his frustration out on her by punching her.

“His case of self defence was wholly unreasonable. You know he is a big chap, well built and strong. The woman is 5 ft 5in, very slightly built. There is no match.”

A jury agreed, finding him guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after a two-day trial at Hull Crown Court.

Singh, a father of one, of Canterbury Road, Bradford, had been visiting the resort on a fishing trip. He was arrested close by with blood on his hands and clothes.

The woman told the jury how the incident had changed her life and she remembered little until she woke in an ambulance.

She said: “I had swollen eye, my nose was broken. I lost my tooth. I had a small cut and graze on my knee where I had fallen.

“On the night I was not treated very well at Scarborough Hospital – they did not reset my nose. I had to have an operation to manipulate my nose back. Now there is a healing gap.

“It has changed my life. It has changed my looks. Because I am a hairdresser, I work with the public in front of mirrors all day. I cannot get away from my own reflection. I know I have the denture in. I only wear it out of the house. I take it out when I get home. It is unbearable.

“I am self employed, I work in a lot of bed and breakfasts in Bridlington. I was petrified of going to work. I knew he would not come to Bridlington again looking for me, but I was still worried. I have been out only four times since this attack. It has totally changed my life as a person.”