It all adds up for Headlands pupils

Headlands School curriculum day with Lloyd Dowson
Headlands School curriculum day with Lloyd Dowson

HEADLANDS School pupils have taken part in the Lloyd Dowson Chartered Accountants and Business advisor workshops. The purpose of the sessions was to highlight to students that accountancy and business is a good career path to follow.

Vanessa Rowbottom, relationship officer for Lloyd Dowson said: “We wanted to show that accountancy is an interesting career choice and that the opportunities it provides are varied.

“The children really engaged in the activities and enjoyed them.”

It is the second time that Vanessa and her firm have visited Headlands school.

The workshops allowed students to take part in various activities such as interviews, question and answer sessions and even a Dragons Den-style role play, which taught the children skills such as how to present yourself and eye contact.

Helen Webb, a trainee chartered accountant, also spoke to the students about her own experience of training as a qualified accountant and the skills she has gained in doing so.